Current Prather lab members (updated Nov. 8th, 2016).

Dr. Chelse Prather ( IMG_4491For more about Chelse, click here. Click here for Dr. Prather’s CV.



dsc00553Ryan Reihart (Fall 2016-present). Ryan is a PhD student in the lab who is an avid explorer, bug lover, and outdoor enthusiast.  He obtained his B.S. in Environmental Biology at UD where he worked with Ryan McEwan on the invasive shrub, Amur honeysuckle, and its impact on aquatic macroinvertebrate community structure.  After graduating from UD, he traveled across the country to begin working with Camille McNeely at Eastern Washington University where he obtained his M.S. in Biology. While out west, he worked on a project that investigated the problems underlying white sturgeon recruitment failure by looking at invertebrate drift in the upper Columbia River.  Currently, he is processing sweep net samples from the NFS micronutrient experiment to develop ideas for his dissertation. Contact:

img_6786Kaitlin Gawkins (Fall 2016). Kaitlin is a sophomore biology major at UD. She is currently working in the lab on analyzing soil samples and sorting/identifying insects to order, and is interested in the direct and indirect effects that differing concentrations of micronutrients in soils have on grasshopper diversity and abundance.


Amanda Finke (Fall 2016). Amanda is a junior environmental biology major, currently working in the lab analyzing soil samples. She is interested in pursuing environmental research in the future, with a focus in conservation and climate change.



Shania Hurst (Fall 2016). Shania is an Environmental Biology Major working in lab analyzing soil samples. She is interested in working in conservation ecology, and holds a particular interest in water systems. In her spare time she enjoys sewing costumes and reading.

snapchat-6669445322846442367Lauren Przybylski (Fall 2016). Lauren is a December-graduating senior with a major in Biology and a minor in Philosophy at the University of Dayton. She is interested in the ecology and physiology of large vertebrates, the anthropogenic effects of climate change, and the ethical interactions between humans and animals. She is very excited to be graduating and taking the next step in her life after college.

See former lab members here

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