Former Lab Members


11902275_10101806556458227_7124280361045734874_nJack Cuellar (Summer 2013-Summer 2016). Jack worked for the Prather lab on lots of different projects for a couple of years. Jack graduated from the University of Houston, and recently moved to the Chicago area. He’s a wonderful technician, so prospective employers, take note!

Radford University Undergraduates

Annie Rudasill (Fall 2014–summer 2016).

2015-11-30%2017.16.48Annie is an Environmental Biology major at Radford University. She successfully wrote a grant proposal (Radford OURS SURF grant) for an independent project this past summer looking at if grasshoppers preferentially chose plants that have been grown on soil with different levels of micronutrients. She is analyzing this data, and is working on some other projects during this academic year. Annie is also a loyal New England sports fan, and spends her free time playing with insects, cat-sitting, and watching hockey.

Marisa Dameron (Summer 2015-Fall 2016).


Marisa is a Biology major with a Chemistry minor. She recently successfully wrote a grant proposal (RU SCI Fellowship) to test if grasshoppers can respond to fear in scared neighbors, an experiment that she will be running this academic year.

Jalynn Best (Fall 2015-Spring 2016).

Megan Collier (Fall 2015).

Zach Pillis (Summer 2015-Fall 2015). Zach recently graduated as an Environmental Biology major at Radford University. His project was to sample and make a digital database of invertebrates in a restored prairie at Selu Conservancy for future use by students doing research at this site.

Ashley Sherertz (Summer 2015).

me%20at%20wineAshley is working towards by degree in Biology. She has has a strong passion for learning about animals and how they interact with their surrounding environment.

University of Houston Undergraduates

Nicole Davis (Summer 2014-2015). Nicole is a recent graduate of the University of Houston who worked for Dr. Prather and Dr. Pennings for several summers on various projects.

Chris Kelly (Summer 2014). Chris recently graduated from the University of Houston and now works as a teacher in the Harris County School system.

Quinn Nyguen (Summer 2014).

Vilma Burwick (Summer 2013-Spring 2014)


Abeer Chohan (Summer 2013)


Casey Hall (Summer 2013)


Karla Melendez (Summer 2013)


Amanda Miller (Summer 2013)


RJ Schoubroek (Summer 2013). Rainly is currently working on his BS in biology at the University of Houston. In the summer of 2013, Rainly helped to sort arthropods from costal tallgrass prairie samples that served as preliminary data for Dr. Prather’s NSF grant.


Carlin Tran (Summer 2013).

Ben Tompkins (Summer 2013).

Andy Huynh (Summer 2012). Andy successfully wrote a grant proposal to UH’s SURF program to look at if woody encroachment affects the spread of the invasive Chinese Tallow tree into coastal tallgrass prairies. The results of his study are now being prepared for publication. Andy is now a PhD student studying cellular and molecular biology at Baylor College of Medicine.