Biology career advice

Crash Course on Your Biology Career

(Dr. Chelse Prather with materials contributed by Dr. Ryan McEwan; updated 11/06/2016)

Lots of students often ask me how I knew I wanted to be a biologist, how I became an ecologist, or are just interested in graduate school in biology or academia in general.  It can be hard to figure out if you should stick with your bio major if you’re struggling, if grad school is  right for you, what kinds of things you can do with a graduate degree in biology, or how to proceed once you’ve gotten a PhD. Here is advice compiled advice from materials that have been helpful to me (or things that I wished I knew) during my career. It’s focused mainly on academia (since that’s what I know best) and particularly on jobs in ecology. Remember, though, that very few PhD’s in biology go on to get academic jobs. If you’re interested in my biased perspective, you’re always welcome to contact me to talk as well!

Is the biology major right for you?

Want to get research experience in biology as an undergraduate?

Thinking about graduate school?

Want a faculty position?

Navigating Tenure-Track Positions?

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